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The Colours of Our Friendship

I wanted to create something more personal but also not too difficult. I used one of my favourite pictures with my best friends as a reference for this new type of art I wanted to try for a while. This kind of new style uses a glass panel as the canvas and then build on each layer before flipping it over to reveal the final product. The theme of this piece was identity and relationships. I asked my friends what colour of a vibe we give off to eachother and quite interestingly we had similar opinions. We had a consensus of Keira being green and then Audrey as well for blue and both of them thought I would be some kind of pastel colour but “probably pink”. I wanted to use these colours to represent the unique personalities of each of us. Finally, the mixing of the colours show the relationship we have with each other and how we merge our auras together. I feel like the closer we get, we start to share a bit of ourselves with each other.


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