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The Red String Theory

My art piece is one that played with the idea of the Red String Theory. Also known as the Red String of Fate. It is an East Asian belief that two people are connected by a red thread and that the two connected are soulmates. This red string can stretch or tangle but it is never supposed to break. I wanted to take a more abstract approach to this rather than just showing two hands connected by a red string. I decided to separate my piece into 9 squares that put a focus on different details of this image in my head. I wanted to add something that allows people to think or wonder about when they see my art piece. This is why I added the scissors about to cut the red string — the string is never supposed to be cut, under no circumstances. But can the red string really stay invincible during something like what we are going through? The kind of barrier and disconnection that the pandemic brought upon us is nothing quite like something our couple of generations had to endure before. The red string, such a fragile thing. The scissors, sharp and cold, about to snip the string in half. I want the viewers to ponder, will the string be cut? Or will it endure? To emphasize the string, I used graphite pencils for everything except for the said string, which I did with red prisma colors and acrylic paints. I used 8B pencils to get that super dark background for three of the squares and 3B for three of the squares and 2H for the backgrounds of the last three squares. I hoped to make it more dynamic this way.


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