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School Final Art Exhibition

Here are 3 pieces from my prismacolor series I chose for the school's 2020 Pandemonium: Online Final Art Exhibition 2020:

prismacolor on Strathmore Toned Tan Paper
Cold Brew Coffee - 05/2020

This art piece was drawn with prismacolor pencil crayons on toned tan sketch paper. This object was a challenge for me because I had never had an object that was made of glass for my reference. The curve, shine and reflection inside the bottle was quite interesting to work with. For my art inspiration I was probably zoning off or doing something that was not that important when I saw the Cold Brew Coffee glass bottle in the tall display cupboard beside our dining table. I immediately wanted to draw this because I loved the colours and the whole aura of it so much. With this art piece I wanted to experiment with the light reflection, colours and shadows of the glass container.

Prismacolor on Strathmore Toned Tan Paper
Donuts on a Sunday- 03/2020

This art piece, titled Donuts on a Sunday, was drawn with prismacolor pencil crayons on toned tan sketch paper. Both this piece and the piece below were not done for school and done because I felt inspired to draw them. For this piece, I felt the need to capture the mouthwatering visuals of the donuts I had gotten one weekend. My reference was a photo that I took in the car of a box of six donuts from Cartems Donuts. I wanted to remember that happy and certainly delicious day filled with tasty donuts so why not draw it? With this piece I wanted to focus on the three dimensional shapes of the donuts and using the shadows and light to create that look. It was very fun recreating the colourful desserts.

 Prismacolor on Strathmore Toned Tan Paper
Lollipop - 03/2020

This piece, titled Lollipop, is what I like to think as one of my first realistic drawings. I used prismacolor pencil crayons on toned tan sketch paper. I had just gotten a large set of prismacolors and I was so excited for them that I was using them for almost everything. With this piece, I was trying to bring out the shine and gloss of the whole picture. I used white gel pen to recreate the shine and used shadows to make the drawing pop. The dark green shadows in the lollipop was added to create that round, sphere look and settled with brown and magenta for the shadows on the skin. Adding many, many layers is key and this was, quite frankly, an amazing hand workout:)

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