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Realistically or Romantically?

There are two different ways to approach life—realistically or romantically. Both ways of living have their own ups and downs but when it comes to which will help one live a better life, I believe that one must live romantically rather than realistically. Realists see life in its crude, original form. Romantics view life capable of imagination and possibilities. Realists will most definitely lead a stable, practical life but it would be one that is repetitive and empty of excitement and surprise. There would be no improvement or change because they accept life as it is, even if it's not desirable. Approaching life romantically will no doubt lead to some disappointments but life will be passionate, exciting and hopeful. Romantics can have flourishing imaginations and this allows them a chance to improve their lives. A better life is not a predictable one, a better life is one that makes the person want to live it.

Being realistic will most likely help a person lead a long, practical life. A person who views life realistically will be prepared to deal with bumps in the road and come up with pragmatic solutions that will work with what they were given. But is a long life a better one? The quality of life does not increase by being realistic. A life that makes the person want to live it is a life that makes them happy and makes them excited for something. Passion, excitement and surprise need to exist in one’s life for it to be enjoyable. If these elements are not there, what could one possibly look forward to in life? Where could one find happiness and pleasure of achieving something when there is no goal? If there is no imagination of what could be, the person lives the life to simply live it. And to simply live for the sake of living is to life at its bare minimum.

Living life on the sure and stable ground would certainly be safe and predictable, but empty and bare along with it. Living life on the ground leaves a whole sky of missed opportunities. Possibilities flying around, just out of reach from the ground but close enough that there is a chance to catch them if the person would just close their eyes, imagine, and jump. Because of only viewing things realistically, chances, even if they are slim, of something that could make life ten times better can be lost. If you are only realistic, you do not let yourself to hope for and believe in things being better. Admittedly, the imagined realities of romantic people may not be realistic but that does not mean it is impossible. Realistic does not mean definite truth. Hope and imagination is what makes life worth living. The idea of possibility and change is what drives people in life.

Looking at a specific example like a relationship between two people, the difference between the two types of approaches to life can be seen. A realist would try to accept the other person without insisting on improvement. They will simply focus on making their relationship run smoothly. They will not demand or crave anything from the other. The relationship the realist has with the other person would mostly likely be stable and predictable but not passionate and exciting. The relationship would be dull and boring. On the other hand, a person who tends to be romantic will look for the person that satisfies them and make them happy. They would want to find a person who could have a relationship with passion and excitement. Romantic people want what they want and even though it would take a longer time to find their person than realists, when they do, they are much happier in life. It is a matter of practicality or quality.

A life of better quality grows from the room left for imagination and possibilities. A sole realistic approach to life does not leave the room for that to happen. People should live romantically rather than realistically for a better life. For a life that is enjoyable to live, it needs to have some excitement, passion and sometimes surprise from a dream coming true. A romantic person will strive to find what is better for them. They will not accept life as it is if it’s not one enjoyable to live in. They have the ability to imagine, hope and be excited about something that could happen and this is what I believe makes a life a better one to live. Being able to be romantic about life is key to living a better life.


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