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Angela's Ashes: A Book I Cannot Forget

Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt is about the author’s miserable Irish Catholic childhood. Frank is born in Depression-era Brooklyn to Irish immigrants and his life is difficult from the very beginning. From his alcoholic father who doesn’t bring a penny back to the house to sicknesses that devour his siblings and almost the boy himself to poverty that takes control of his family’s life. It’s a tough, tough, road set for Frank McCourt, the small, dirty, black haired boy. I absolutely loved this book. This book was one of the most depressing, heartbreaking, sincere stories I have ever read and even more because it is true. I cared more and more about the little boy in the book as I got to know him better with each page and story. There are bits of comedy and pure naiveness but then the book often takes my heart and tears it to shreds. Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes is beautifully written and I recommend this for anyone who wants to feel all those things I described above and even people who want to just start exploring the world of memoirs.


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