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A Small Framed Gift for the Seniors

Christmas is almost here! A day filled with happiness, appreciation and mouthwatering smells that comes only once a year. As a teen, I may not believe in Santa Claus anymore but Christmas is still as enjoyable for me when I did years before. This is because Christmas is still that same day filled with happiness and appreciation with my loving family. Especially because this pandemic, our family is planning to spend a warm and cozy Christmas day together in our house, all of us wrapped in one gigantic blanket with a cup of hot chocolate to accompany us while watching a cheesy holiday movie.

I realized that many seniors would not be able to do this if they did not have family members who were there to snuggle in a blanket with them.

Because of this pandemic, the seniors have been even more isolated from others and cannot fight off loneliness by being with their friends and family. Thinking more about this made my heart break and I thought of what I could do to chip at least a little bit of that loneliness away. Something that could be like a pat on the back—a way to give words of encouragement. What could I do?

Then I thought of an idea.

I contacted the West Vancouver Senior Centre asking if it was possible for me to make these calligraphy pieces for the seniors. Fortunately, they happily accepted and my project began that day, three weeks before Christmas Day.

Here are photos of just a couple of the designs I did:

I wanted my message to be something that could cheer them up, not just during Christmas time, but everyday whenever. I created 40 calligraphy pieces and framed all of them so that the seniors who received them could just prop it up somewhere.



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