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A Review of BTS' Album: 'BE'

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

A one-of-a-kind album for a one-of-a-kind year.

2020, a year that changed reality. The year that the coronavirus pandemic decided to slither into every nook and cranny of our lives. Daily routines were flicked off the table and our days weren’t ours anymore. Masks tightened across faces replaced familiar smiles and empty, cold air replaced the warmth of our friends and family on our arms. The pandemic was bringing the world to its knees and heavy shackles in the name of wildfires, explosions and police brutality rendered its limbs useless. People needed a way to comprehend what had been brought upon them. Something, perhaps anything, that would provide an answer like, “It’s okay. You’re not alone. I understand.” That answer would be provided soon by a 7 member K-pop boy group—BTS.

In the month of November of this ruthless, chaotic year, BTS released their seventh mini-album, BE. The album pulls you into a place of comfort and familiarity, a feeling most desirable during times like these. Each track teleports you to a new place: “Blue & Grey” sends you to your bed with a soft lullaby to curl into; ‘Telepathy’ to the balcony with something to nod your head to when the sun is setting and the sky is painted pink and purple; “Dis-ease” brings you to the laundry room with a beat that your shoulders can’t help but wiggle waggle to while throwing clothes into the washing machine.

However, one song in particular stands out to me and it’s “Fly to My Room”. It’s dreamy melody was what attracted me at first but the lyrics were what earned it it’s spot on my playlist for endless replay. “There’s no other way, this room is all I have. Well then, I’ll just turn this place into my world, yeah”, sings BTS. The Korean title of this song translates to “How to Travel My Room” and brings a unique view to a relatable situation of being stuck in our rooms during the frequent lockdowns caused by the pandemic. Instead of driving ourselves to insanity, BTS suggests why not make it our own kingdom to explore since we’re stuck in here anyways? It’s melodious tune leads you around your room to sway here, twirl there. The Grammy-nominated group’s new album BE opens up a new world in the ordinary, and becomes your own little place to catch your breath in as the world outside continues to rage on without mercy. BE became a hand to hold as we dared to enter into a brand new year.


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