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Erica Cho

I like to think of myself as a rainbow—so many different parts of my identity ultimately combine to make who I am. I am a reader, athlete, artist, film enthusiast and even more an explorer, avid public speaker, and a leader. Since I was a little girl, I wanted try everything. Naturally my experiences would build and I collected a lot of things on the way. Through these experiences, I have acquired my best qualities as a person: empathy, perspective, leadership, and a toolbox full of skills. I am stubborn in achieving my goals but flexible in situations that catch me by surprise. I like to care for others and live life to the fullest with my friends. I find joy in watching myself become a better version of myself as I work towards my goals and future. I feel happiest when I am able to inspire people who in turn inspire me. I love learning about everything this world has to offer and everyday I grow and add on to who I am. I am excited for my future, for what I want to do and can do.

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